2016 New Christmas List

Christmas is fast approaching and very soon our kitchen will be working overtime creating and baking seasonal products.
Silvia and team would like to thank you for all your support this year by offering you something special.
One of the keys to a great Christmas is, of course, good planning and organisation. Thinking ahead. So this year we are encouraging you to do just that by inviting you to pre-order and pay online through
November, to recieve 10% off your next order.
You will also go into the draw to
win our new Christmas product…an organic coconut sugar Ginger Bread House!
an organic coconut sugar Ginger Bread House.
Ginger bread House New!

Margo, whom many of our customers will know from the Springwood
market has turned our ginger bread into a gingerbread house. We have
replaced icing sugar with coconut sugar from Thailand (where the
coconut sugar is ecologically sustainable )  and created something
that we hope will star on the Christmas table of homes with
gluten-intolerant children. A limited edition item Preorder and pay on
line to not miss out.
Here is the full list of the rest our Christmas goodies….

Traditional mince tarts

Pastry made with almond meal, filled with
currants, orange peel and apple…all soaked in sherry for a rich
festive taste. One of our top Christmas favourites. $4.75 each,
$26 box of 6

Classic English Christmas cake
Total indulgence. Uctuous,full of fruits, butter and Bundaberg rum.

$20 for 250gr $38 for 500gr.

Christmas pudding

Another English classic and as popular as the cake.
Unashamedly rich with unsalted butter, fruits and Bundaberg rum.
3 sizes.$20 -250gr, $38-500gr.$55-750gr.

Ginger bread
Traditional shapes, stars, trees and gingerbread men.
A favourite with children. Available by the box or in packs of one and
two. From $1 to $20.

Organic Christmas Bread

Made with organic grains, raised with yeast and naturally sweetened with fig, dates, apricots and currants, it is somewhere between bread and cake. We have added pistachios and pieces of dark Belgian chocolate  that make luscious little pockets in the loaf. No cane sugar, no canola oil, no soy, no dairy.

Just perfect for brunches over the holiday season. $15- 680gr.

From Silvia Paleo, Grain-free Christmas cake

Introduced two years ago, it has become a favourite with the traditional flavour of Christmas cake but lighter. No refined sugar and no dairy.
Cranberries, pistachios, currants and a touch of ginger make for a delicious alternative Christmas delight  that everyone will like.
When warmed it has a beautiful consistency similar to plum pudding.

$20 for 320 gr, $38 for 500gr.

Here are some extra suggestions for not only ‘getting through’ the
holiday season  but actually enjoying it!
Products that will cut down the time spent in the kitchen.

Pear Chocolate Frangapanni Tart

Our ever popular  ‘most delicious pear and chocolate
frangapanni tart you could dream of ‘ as one customer put it. Perfect
and elegant  served on your best plate. Freezes well. Serves 8.


Passion Pie with meringue or without, your choice

Our new ‘passion pie’

Passionfruit curd in our almond meal pastry. Decadent, yet also  full
of vitamins and minerals. Also freezes well
$4.50 for Mini Serves 1
$29 for Large Serves 8
Chocolate eclairs

For when too much decadence is barely enough!

Our own Signature Choux Pastry, filled with Fresh Creme Patisserie and dipped in the darkest of Belgium Chocolate …

Usually only available in the cooler months but now as an online
special order for pick up at your nearest market. Best consumed soon after pick up. That Shouldn’t be difficult.

$4.50 each or 3 for $12
Paleo Friendly Minis New!

Our ‘paleo -friendly Minis’. For those who want a treat that’s less
decadent but still gorgeous.. Not nearly as naughty as they look. Made
from freshly ground almonds, whipped egg whites and either fruit or
dark chocolate. Flavours are orange,raspberry and pear,dark chocolate
and date with a touch of ginger.
Mix box of 9 $40.50
Nuesli New!
Neusli…our very own special take on a type of granola. 100% fruit
free. 100% organic. Roasted weekly to ensure freshness. Made from two
grains…quinoa and amaranth, three nuts…almonds, pecans and
cashews, and four seeds …chia, pepitas, sunflower and crushed
linseed, with cinnamon as sweetener. The mix is then roasted in
organic coconut oil. Finally we add some coconut flesh.The result is a
healthy treat with fabulous taste and texture. Sprinkle on you regular
cereal, add to yoghurt and fruit, eat on its own. You can even add it to

a cake mix or sprinkle on top.
490g Pack for $15
Fresh Vegetable Pasta
Fresh vegetable pasta- choose from beetroot, spinach and pumpkin.
Kids love the colours and its full of flavour too!
Our latest is squid ink and it doesn’t have to be halloween
to serve up this dramatic looking pasta.

Whatever colour you prefer our fresh pasta made simply from rice flour, a touch of maize and xanthumn is a terrific convenience food any time of the year.

It freezes well so when unexpected guests turn up on your doorstep or
ravenous children come home , all you have to do take some straight
from the freezer, pop into boiling water with a little oil and salt
and in three minutes it’s ready for the plate. A quick rinse with cold
water will prevent any glugginess. Top with your own choice of
sauce, simply add some baby tomatoes and fresh herbs and olive oil
or, easiest of all, pick up some of our classic pinenuts and basil
pesto with your pasta.

450g+ Pack of the Classic Plain Fettuccinne $10

450+ Pack of Vegetable Fettuccine $12

Remember 10% off  the price of your purchase will give you on linecredit towards your next order and we will put your name in the draw to win our new Christmas  product...


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