Nearly 20 years ago, Silvia began experimenting with gluten free baking,

convinced that the growing awareness of intolerance to gluten
would inevitably lead to a big demand for quality gluten free

The culmination of all this experimentation plus a lot of listening to
what customers want and gathering of feed back is

In our Marrickville kitchen our team produces a wide variety of savoury
and sweet goods.  We believe what really sets us apart is our
dedication to the idea that simply being gluten free is simply not
good enough. We strive to create gluten free goods that are not only
gluten free but are also made with the best ingredients and are, above
all, good to eat.

Our professional satisfaction is derived from the satisfaction of our
customers, from providing them with what they want and what they need
and from making delicious goods that are enjoyed by the relatives and
friends of our customers, including those who are not gluten

Because we are absolutely dedicated to healthier gluten free eating, our
products are naturally sweetened. Only our ever popular lemon meringue
pie has added cane sugar. With the savoury items we avoid the added salt, using
seasonal and local products whenever possible. Two of our staple
ingredients are Australian organic olive oil and Australian organic
brown rice flour, milled for us in Victoria or New  South
Following requests from customers we also make a selection of goods
that are egg free, dairy free, nut free and grain free.

Click here for our ten top selling products of 2015 …

products are sold at several markets.

Click on Markets for details and location map.

For your convenience …and in order not to miss out…you can
pre-order products for pick up at the market nearest to you.

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From Silvia Team

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  1. Hi , I saw you have a shop in mareckville, can online orders be picked up from there or is it only at different markets ?

    1. Hi Annica, thank you for your query. Yes, orders can be picked up from our kitchen in Marrickville. When placing your order online please make a note you would like to pick up from Marrickville including date and time and contact number and we will have it ready. Any further questions please feel free to email info@fromsilvia.com

      Thank you,

      1. Thanks Silvia, I will check your market locations and if I can’t make it to any market nearby I will place an order online and ask for pick up in Marreckville

  2. I just wanted to say how much I loved your products. I went to Orange Grove markets this morning and received the nicest greeting from the people working at your stall. I was offered a try of your choc chip cookies and I have no hesitation of saying they were the best tasting cookies I have ever had !!! I then purchased a lamb + mint roll which was absolutely amazing.
    I have definitely found my regular stall to visit every time I go to the markets 🙂

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